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5 steps to obtain traction for your rivvid brand channel

Social Engagement is the new shift in search engine optimization (SEO). Google tracks how many people recommend your page to others, along with their ranked pages in the search results. It’s not a matter of how many “likes” you have on your Facebook page… it’s who actually ENGAGED with your content by measuring who shared it in Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Digg it, etc. (aka social recommendations). Yes! You guessed it! Google is tracking all those shares! You will find how they are measuring these shares In Google Analytics. It’s found under: Social Engagement (located under Audience, Social , and then Engagement. See snapshot to the right).

Step 1: Create content on what your audience enjoys!

You don’t need your own video to compile the message you want to share. Your rivvid platform allows you to compile different you tube videos into one quiz. Your video trivia creator also enables you to select which particular clip within the video you wish to use for your messaging. Thus, your content may be based on educating your audience about your business, “theme” topics you know will engage your audience such as culture, travel, “Teen Talk” and “Martial Arts History,” or cause related marketing such as what “Don’t Text and Drive” that Busciglio Orthodontics did using rivvid’s platform.

Step 2: Publish often 

Create and they will come? Now that you have the open sign hanging on your door, it doesn’t mean people will come swarming in. You need to publish quizzes often and engage with your fans often.  Establish a repoire by replying to their tweets or posts and ask them to help you spread the word! It’s called “social” media for a reason! People like to help and want to talk! So give them a reason to talk and a reason to return to your brand to see what other video trivia quizzes you have published.

Step 3: Get found by people on Google

Get them to share! Google mixes social recommendations and their ranked pages in the search results. It’s not a matter of how many “likes” you have on your pages. It’s how many people actually ENGAGE with your page via clicking on the “share” button from your post with their friends, liking your post, or leaving comments on your page.

Social recommendations were there earlier, but they merely played a part in the rank system. Now it can take you to first page of Google for at least some users or groups.

Thus, video trivia gives you “share worthy content” needed to allow your audience to share and engage others with your content.

Carefully select the keywords to target the right audience. Your rivvid channel and video trivia quizzes are optimised to give you a higher position in Google searches. The better your video trivia quiz description and “video trivia title” keywords you use, the higher you’ll appear in search results.

Step 4: Promote your rivvid brand channel url DAILY 

Are you promoting your contest on the home page of your website? What are you waiting for! You got a campaign to run! DId you place the url as one of the websites to visit in your Facebook profile and Linked In profile? There you have the ability to add multiple websites you want people to visit. Did you eblast to your subscribers the promotion you are running?

Step 5: Inform others about your promotion!

Video trivia gives you something to talk about, so talk about it! Hand out flyers at events or in store posters to inform others the kind of loyalty rewards they will receive by engaging with your brand. Encourage friends to post on their blog. Cross promote other brands inside of your channel by having them give away something to the players who rank highest. Reward your players by giving them recognition such as Parent of the Week or Best Player of the week, so you have them returning your channel to see how they ranked and received the recognition they played hard to earn!

Below is a quick checklist of what was discussed above:

1. Is your rivvid URL on your home page?

2. What kind of recognition system do you have in place for those who score the highest that day or that week?

3. What other company can you team up with to give away something to your players so you can incentivize your audience with a reward?

4. How often do you plan to publish a new quiz? Daily, weekly, or monthly?

5. Who are you trying to reach? What keywords do they use to find your brand? Are those keywords inside your quiz description and title?

6. Have you announced it on your Facebook page? Did you post it on your Twitter account(s)?

7. Have you sent it out via email?

8. Have you asked others to share it with their friends?

If you are considering or have considered rivvid as an extra extension of your marketing efforts. We think you’ll really enjoy using video trivia as a way to engage your audience and happy to show you a 5 “Jump Start” set of steps to help you get going.

First off, please keep these important resources in mind:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Plus follow @rivvid on Twitter and “like us” on Facebook to connect with other rivvid fans who will enjoy playing your game.
  • Call us at 786-218-1021 or email