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Check out these current campaigns to understand their mission and see how you may participate!

Keep reading fun! Join Southland Mall’s Literacy Campaign in Miami, Florida 

“In Miami-Dade, two-thirds of U.S. fourth graders are not proficient readers, according to national assessment data. 33 percent of third graders read below grade level.” click here to read Miami Herald article

With the state of public education in the state of Florida – rivvid is dedicated to getting our platform into a position to help kids learn. Southland Mall was the perfect fit because they host two literacy events at their mall in celebration of Black History Month (Saturday: February 4, 2012) and Hispanic Heritage Month (October 2012). They chose rivvid’s video trivia platform as a fun way to help encourage parents to read to their kids. This enhances reading comprehension and heightens their attention span. If they achieve 1,000 registered readers on Southland Mall’s video trivia, the mall will donate a $1,000 to a non-profit organization. Maggie, Marketing Director of Southland Mall quoted in her radio interview “We thought this was a fun way for parents to read the video trivia questions to their children. After playing the kids love to replay the video trivia and try reading on their own, simply b/c they love the challenge. With repetition, you are then learning!”

If you would like to help kids by assisting them with logging on and reading video trivia questions to them, please email to find out the hours for the Volunteer Orientation!

Concerned about our youth’s texting habits? Join Don’t Text and Drive Game

We aim to raise awareness about the dangers of texting and driving through the use of a custom video-trivia game that tests players ability to concentrate on various visual and audible cues while using a simulated phone to send text messages.

We are looking to work together with middle schools and high schools to raise awareness to break this habit of texting while having family discussions or when distracted by the phone at family dinner so this habit doesn’t carry on when driving.

By playing the game, it will put in perspective that the “multi-tasking” quality is not as effective as one thinks when your attention span is put to the challenge.

Becoming AWARE how these bad habits are being formulated will help users understand not to perform these actions behind the wheel.

Read more about the campaign’s mission.

Help kids learn how to read in Los Angeles, CA.

Mommy and Me A group of moms bring their child to play while taking parenting or business workshops at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, CA. You can help by volunteering your time by reading the kids the video trivia questions while their parents take workshops. If you wish to speak at their event or sponsor their quiz. Check out their website


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