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Using our video trivia platform, you will be able to leverage any you tube videos and convert them into multiple choice questions within minutes!

As a business you can share them and give your audience a reason to share your content!

As a parent you get to create the questions for your own family game night! If you prefer to use your family video footage and set it to private mode, click here to learn how set up your very own family game show!

Step 2: Create your quiz title, description, and assign it to a category. If you signed up for a brand channel, you select which channel you wish for the video to appear.

Step 3: Type in the keyword based on what you are creating video trivia

Every video on rivvid is limited to 15 seconds to ensure that games are quick. To display a particular video clip you wish to feature from a video, drag the blue bar under the video to select that 15 second window. Drag it left and right until you got the timing right. When you find it, click done editing, write my question.

Step 5: Write your video trivia question, then enter the correct answer and enter a minimum of one incorrect answer.

Step 6: You have the option to use the same video or a different video to compile your video trivia.

Final step: Review and edit video trivia questions. You need a minimum of 5 questions to publish your video trivia.


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