Games and Social Networking apps deliver the most engaging experience on the web and mobile today, and sets the stage for the battleground for controlling the consumer relationship going forward for all platform providers on all platforms (Click here for resource).

What’s GAMIFICATION? Why do brands use social games to attract clients?
gamification means integrating game mechanics to your site to drive participation
  • Mark Zuckerburg, Founder of Facebook, quoted at F8 Live “Now that everyone is socially connected, what will keep them there are social games and apps.”
  • Stats that social games and apps are on its way:
  • Apple’s App store to hit 25 billion downloads
  • In January 2012, 181 million U.S. internet users watched nearly 40 billion videos, with the average viewer watching 22.6 hours of video content
  • Video will dominate mobile data traffic by 2015

What kind of data do you collect?

–Age, Gender, Location
•Frequently played games shows their interest
– buff, wine lover, history, etc.
•Viewer activity
–Game elevates experience = Increase your Brand’s Facebook Page “Likes” or CTR to website/promo
•Viewer retention
–Deploy new games/promotion to keep them returning
•Conversion rates – activation

Why Use Rivvid as a Marketing Channel ?

•Guaranteed Cognitive Awareness with new video advertising platform
•“Top” of mind awareness
•Low cost, unique, new custom gaming platform
•Build brand awareness organically
•Tap into the power and gain presence in major social media outlets/networks
•Drive traffic to your website or business channel
•Create brand ambassadors
•Obtain data about your consumers
•Quick & easy implementation
•Generate leads
•Diverse, multiple revenue streams across media platforms
•Social Network integration (Facebook tabs, etc.)
•‘White label’ custom branded game applications

How can rivvid increase social engagement with your brand?


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