Social Media Consultants

Do you need help with the execution or just the strategy aspect of your social media campaign?

Shanna Bright is a seasoned, sales and marketing executive with distinguished experience in brand building and marketing strategies. Effective communicator with keen ability to build relationships, connect clients, generate revenue, and create memorable experiences. International work lends a fresh perspective and global approach. A leader and motivator, dedicated to achieving your personal and company goals.

Alexandra Braconi is a veteran media professional with nearly twenty years of technical writing, marketing communications, and software quality assurance (QA) experience. As the president of Blue Lizard Media, LLC, I provide my clients with a wide array of services tailored specifically to their needs and budget.

Claudia Lascano has the ability to take ideas from concept to execution independently and competently. Resourceful, flexible, and able to identify opportunities to create programs that meet and exceed objectives. My specialties include: Create and develop marketing plans, prepare targeted media schedules (including print, online, cable, radio and outdoor), effectively negotiate contracts and/or partnerships, prepare and participate in events, train & supervise staff, and event planning. Communications; Relationship Development; Branding; Cross Promotions; Community Outreach.


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