Social Media Agencies

The agencies listed below have the capability to integrate rivvid as part of your overall social media campaign.  


HIGH WIDE & HANDSOME is a strate­gic, cre­ative, dig­i­tally savvy, ROI-focused, media-agnostic mar­ket­ing agency. But then, who isn’t these days? Truth is, we didn’t start the com­pany because we’re bet­ter than every­one else; we started it because we’re every bit as good and twice as loyal. Not just to our clients, but to our employ­ees and ser­vice providers. Some may per­ceive loy­alty to be a “soft ben­e­fit.” We see it as a cul­tural neces­sity that deliv­ers bottom-line results. All else being equal, an agency that pro­vides uncom­mon loy­alty to its clients is more likely to help them earn uncom­mon loy­alty from their cus­tomers. Click here to read more.

Contact person: Magnus Morgan / 310-740-2159 / Click here to reach via Linked In

MEDIA MINE works with each client to streamline operations while reducing costs, maximizing efficiencies and designing revenue-generating strategies for untapped and under-developed library resources.Whether a media company or business has accumulated film, videotapes, audio recordings, prints, negatives or documents, MediaMine has a solution for an organization’s asset management needs. MediaMine understands not only the technology necessary to manage content, but the value of the assets and the creative possibilities to maximize distribution opportunities. Collectively, the MediaMine team has over 100 years of entertainment industry experience in the creative, technical and media asset disciplines. But the service will benefit businesses far beyond Hollywood. In addition to media companies, MediaMine is the perfect digital media asset management partner for academic, museum, corporate and government collections. Click here to read more.

Contact person: Barry Snyder / 818-648-3024 / Click here  to reach via Linked In


ZIMMERMAN ADVERTISING is the 14th largest ad agency in the country. Our clients represent some of the biggest retail brands out there today, including Papa John’s, Nissan, Atlantis, White Castle, Party City, Friendly’s, Pep Boys, George Foreman, Lane Bryant and Carfax. You might even say we’re a retail powerhouse! Zimmerman is headquartered in sunny Fort Lauderdale and has more than 1,100 associates and offices throughout the country.  Click here to read more. 

Contact person: Abdul Muhammad / Click here  to reach via Linked In

SLANT POINT MEDIA Slant.Point’s angle is at the intersection of creativity and technology. Our New Media Minds create behavior-changing concepts that manifest into engaging and motivating digital marketing, social-media and website solutions.  Click here to read more. 

Contact person: Stefan Kosel /305-877-0108 / Click here  to reach via Linked In


SOCIAL FULCRUM uses word of mouth marketing and social media to help brands accomplish their business objectives. Social Fulcrum leverages the credible, interactive, and exponential nature of word of mouth marketing to help companies achieve their goals, and just as importantly, to help consumers to receive honest information about products and services that pertain to them.

Contact person: Andrew Krebs Smith/ 347-404-5746 / Click here  to reach via Linked In


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