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Video Trivia contest to stir sales during holiday season

There have been so many videos that have come out today from students who are stepping up to the plate in response to this Jonah’s video. I love it when teenager’s use Social Media to Support each other as opposed to bringing each other.





Rivvid Announces 47% Return Rate in August; Produces Social Media Success for Texting and Driving Campaign

Video trivia website yields strong metrics last month with 25% of visitors returning to play more than 200 time

“Rivvid provided a fun, unique way to educate audiences on the dangers of distracted driving,” Dr. Busiglio, states. “It provided an interactive experience that communicated the campaign’s messaging more effectively by engaging visitors. We received great feedback from supporters on the educational experience Rivvid provided.”


Click here to check out press release.

Step 1 to the Power of the Virtual Workforce: Choosing an Online Database / Web based document and management system

We’ve all experienced the morning of misery, where your team hasnt completed important tasks from the day before, the pile of files on your desk are stacking up, and the stream of emails are pouring in. Your phone starts to ring and you wonder….how can I possibly focus on the days’ priorities?

We’ll share some great ways to help you make it through with flying colors – and to prevent this from happening time and time again – we will start with the first steps of how to incorporate Internet technology and solid process implementation into your day to day.

The first step is to prioritize your to-dos into categories that meet your operational and sales goals.

Next, how can you organize your to do’s in alignment with measurable results that will allow you to make better business decisions on what will keep your company from losing money and keeping clients happy. For example, how can you tie in a to do with the amount of cashflow thats tied into that goal? How about if it’s a to do that’s driven to sustain customer attrition?

The answer is a resource that can provide you with immediate access to needed documents and query real-time information pertaining to your goals.

Some of the challenges you will be presented with when trying to incorporate this across your organization are mentioned below and some tips are tied in as to how to overcome them:

First Problem: File Folders and Email
If your office environment uses file folders and emails to:

  • store or send documents
  • document activity
  • delegate “to do’s” to the next individual

…then these are most likely the kind of questions you hear at your office:  “Who has my folder?”, Where is this folder?” , “When did you ask me to handle that?”

Priorities and documents are lost in the shuffle, nothing gets completed on time, and your staff feels overwhelmed.

The solution is delegating responsibility in a way that creates accountability (click here to read more about this) and to digitize your documents, making them easily searched and sorted.

Second Problem: Excel Spreadsheets

You may have 50 different Excel spreadsheets and know exactly which one contains the data you need; however, Excel files fall victim to the following common problems:

  • Lack of Consistency. Too often a staff member may create their own version/format of data. Making it difficult to quickly find data and create repetition of the same data in multiple files.
  • They are sometimes outdated
  • Locks others out when someone is updating it

The goal is to find an online database that allows you to customize the fields you will need to store your data, doesn’t restrict others from updating information on that same case while others are reviewing the information, and allows you to quickly retrieve information (some interfaces requires too many click-through to attain the information you are looking for).

There are cost effective, user friendly and quick to deploy databases available online. For resources, contact us at 786-218-1021 to see what kind will best fit your current needs.

Third Problem: Process

After addressing the previous two issues, you will need to implement a process that allows your staff to effectively use these new tools. You must evaluate your business structure, checkpoints and protocols within your operations before, during and after internet software/online database implementation.

You will need to marry the process, people and tools in such a way that will ensure your business is moving closer to your sales objectives.

Some key steps along the way are:

  • Improving how work orders are processed internally
  • Reducing the amount of time your teams spends processing tasks
  • Facilitating smoother and more efficient communication
  • Re-training staff on software tools as business climate and software tools change – don’t assume they will figure it out on their own.
  • Ensure EXECUTION (without micro-managing)

This is just the beginning to a faster, more efficient working environment that allows your team to work from anywhere at any time, potentially even reducing your office space needs and cutting expenses.

Learn more at our upcoming workshop on how to create a collaborative and virtual workforce determined to continuously strive to find the best ways to work together.