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In our experience, the rivvid channels who have done well are those that cater to “niche” specific needs of their audience.

In our Spreecast conversation found here with documentary producer, Jacob Wolfman for Flipping the Script, he describes how Tricking is a small tight knit community with his you tube videos ranging from 5k to 100k. He described how the tricking community “are hungry for content, participation, and interaction” with like minded folks.

How are you linking a game culture to your community’s interests and intent?

Using rivvid’s video trivia platform, Jacob Wolfman, converted his tricking you tube videos into trivia and noticed that his audience engaged heavily because they felt that by “consistently scoring high scores on the leaderboard, the players proved their understanding of what the community is all about.”


His audience were motivated by attaining RESPECT from the community. That dynamic built up their reputation within the community.

By participating in the video trivia game, they were rewarded through recognition, which in turn attracted other people from the community to learn more about who they are.

Social interaction in and around the video trivia games resulted in trickers talking about it in their blogs and sharing the quiz with their friends. The results from publishing video trivia for “fun” brought over 400 registrations within the first hour and kept growing over the course of publishing additional quizzes. He also stated in the Spreecast conversation that as a brand, the video trivia game “forced him to think creatively how to educate while entertain my audience.”


An orthodontist opted for a custom game solution by launching: His goal was to increase brand awareness by encouraging pre-teens to text the phone located strategically next to the video trivia quiz on the computer and at the same time answer video trivia questions. This effort was to put in perspective that “multi-tasking” is not as effective as one thinks when your attention span is put to the challenge. Becoming AWARE how these bad habits are being formulated will help pre-teens understand not to perform these actions behind the wheel.

This campaign combined the efforts of what pre-teens love which is their phone, the content of the video trivia was based of a channel called “Teen Talk” which covered conversations from skateboarding to what movies featured line dancing (since Footloose was hot then). The results from that campaign were increased Facebook likes and interactions by 1000% within 40 days of launch, more moms playing the quiz than their kids (from a business standpoint moms have influence over household decisions), appearing on the cover of his local magazine, and click here to check out news coverage.


Our quizzes are perceived as share-worthy content and as contests. Several ways to integrate the video trivia as part of your campaigning may be by sponsoring a quiz, create a custom channel, Facebook tabs integration, custom game, or as a video trivia engagement banner ad. Click here to learn more.


49% of mobile app usage takes place in games

Did you know 49% of mobile app usage takes place in games and 30% in social networking apps – a combined 79% share? It’s then a big drop to entertainment (7%), news (6%) and others (8%)?

“Any way we slice it, Games and Social Networking apps deliver the most engaging experience on the web and mobile today, and set the stage for the battleground for controlling the consumer relationship going forward for all platform providers”

Have you heard of this quote lately? “I go where the puck is going to be, not where it is”. – Wayne Gretzky .


Amazing how you have positioned your business where the puck is going to be rather than focusing on where it’s at click here to read the article.

So what’s on your next list of to do’s for your marketing objectives this upcoming quarter? You got all these Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and people who have played on your rivvid channel. Now what? How do you convert them to clients? Well, when you created your Facebook Page, did you create it and wait for people to find it on their own and LIKE it? When you first opened your office, did people show up knocking? Make all of your social network outlets come together by integrating your video trivia as part of your conversation inside of Facebook, Twitter, Website, and blog outreach.

Southland Mall literacy campaign encouraging parents to read with kids in a fun way

“In Miami-Dade, two-thirds of U.S. fourth graders are not proficient readers, according to national assessment data. 33 percent of third graders read below grade level.” click here to read Miami Herald article

With the state of public education in the state of Florida – rivvid is dedicated to getting our platform into a position to help kids learn. Southland Mall was the perfect fit because they host two literacy events at their mall in celebration of Black History Month (Saturday: February 4, 2012) and Hispanic Heritage Month (October 2012). They chose rivvid’s video trivia platform as a fun way to help encourage parents to read to their kids. This enhances reading comprehension and heightens their attention span. If they achieve 1,000 registered readers on Southland Mall’s video trivia, the mall will donate a $1,000 to a non-profit organization.

Maggie, Marketing Director of Southland Mall quoted in her radio interview with ESPN Deportes “We thought this was a fun way for parents to read the video trivia questions to their children. After playing the kids love to replay the video trivia and try reading on their own, simply b/c they love the challenge. With repetition, you are then learning!”

The first day of their campaign (pictures below), three schools near the mall requested to feature the mall’s video trivia in their school’s library, highschoolers have signed up to volunteer at their next literacy event to help read to smaller kids, and the feedback from the parents on how much they love it was through the roof with positive feedback.

If you are unhappy where the education system is heading in Florida and want to join forces with Southland Mall literacy campaign click here to check out their campaign and CONTACT US to find out how you can be a part of it!

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Video trivia helps get the community buzzing about your brand

Results = 400 registrations and over 1,000 plays within the first hour. 50% of the players returned to his channel and continued to talk about the video trivia game via the online community.

Below is a snapshot of our Mike Chat client getting brand recognition in the tricking community.


As a mother, why you should get your kids to play free video trivia games like – A social game website

Your kids can play free video trivia games as a way to increase their knowledge on topics such as sharks, jellyishes, volcanoes, and more.

Rivvid Trivia Game ranked #3 in Google for How does Google Plus work

Everyone wants to understand more about this social media tool Google  launched. Check out the PDF link below that shows how Rivvid’s free online trivia game on Google Plus is ranked #3 when you google: How does Google Plus work . This is proof how Rivvid’s trivia games are SEO friendly.

Here is the link to PDF: how does google plus work – Google Search