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Southland Mall literacy campaign encouraging parents to read with kids in a fun way

“In Miami-Dade, two-thirds of U.S. fourth graders are not proficient readers, according to national assessment data. 33 percent of third graders read below grade level.” click here to read Miami Herald article

With the state of public education in the state of Florida – rivvid is dedicated to getting our platform into a position to help kids learn. Southland Mall was the perfect fit because they host two literacy events at their mall in celebration of Black History Month (Saturday: February 4, 2012) and Hispanic Heritage Month (October 2012). They chose rivvid’s video trivia platform as a fun way to help encourage parents to read to their kids. This enhances reading comprehension and heightens their attention span. If they achieve 1,000 registered readers on Southland Mall’s video trivia, the mall will donate a $1,000 to a non-profit organization.

Maggie, Marketing Director of Southland Mall quoted in her radio interview with ESPN Deportes “We thought this was a fun way for parents to read the video trivia questions to their children. After playing the kids love to replay the video trivia and try reading on their own, simply b/c they love the challenge. With repetition, you are then learning!”

The first day of their campaign (pictures below), three schools near the mall requested to feature the mall’s video trivia in their school’s library, highschoolers have signed up to volunteer at their next literacy event to help read to smaller kids, and the feedback from the parents on how much they love it was through the roof with positive feedback.

If you are unhappy where the education system is heading in Florida and want to join forces with Southland Mall literacy campaign click here to check out their campaign and CONTACT US to find out how you can be a part of it!

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Balancing mommyhood and work

On August 14th, it will mark 2 months since our relocation from Miami Beach, FL to Los Angeles, CA. All our family is in Florida so it was just us. I nurse my 3 month old baby every 3 hours and take care of my very social, outgoing, witty 4-year-old son that’s not the type to sit down for too long.

My husband works from home so the first priority is to make sure the kids are not distracting him while he is programming for clients and building our own proprietary social gaming site:

Back in Florida, my son would attend school for 3 hours /3 days a week and my mother in law took care of him until 5pm. So I was used to get working done during the day. At first, I was taking my son to The Coop so he can play with the kids in an indoor playground while I use their WI-FI access to get work done until 3pm. After 3pm, we took advantage of Pinz amazing $2 dollar bowling deal before 4pm,  do some Math Readiness /Kindergarten workbooks, outdoor playground, enjoy the 4pm games at the library, replenish our book supply, etc until it was time to go home for us to have dinner as a family.

After 3 weeks of going to The Coop 3 times  a week – my son was getting bored with the schedule, so it was time to change things up. So now I’ve given up in trying to work during the day and work after dinner when the kids are tucked in bed. On Thursdays, I swap with my husband and those are the days I line up meetings while he hangs out with the boys.

Yeah, we can get a nanny….they sure are everywhere during the day! I’m just not ready to have a nanny take care of our kids when they got us. So, I’m trying to figure out a system where I can still wheel and deal while enjoying my mommyhood.

Naturally, my son watching his parents work on a social gaming site, he wanted part of the action. So….one day while having my son film me feed our 3 month old boy (great way to keep the 4-year-old entertained, by the way) and realizing how much I enjoy my son’s conversations… son and I decided to launch Conversations with a 4 year old to capture my son’s funny moments and insights as a way to share with our family back in Florida.

I personally felt the “I must get work done during the day” pressure but the kind of work I do can also get done at night (social media campaigning for clients while building our audience for – plus I have my Thursdays for conference calls. After having that breakthrough in not having that pressure in the back of my mind, I can now simply enjoy being in the present moment with my kids and having a ball with my little butterballs while they still “like to hang out with mom.”