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5 steps to obtain traction for your rivvid brand channel

Social Engagement is the new shift in search engine optimization (SEO). Google tracks how many people recommend your page to others, along with their ranked pages in the search results. It’s not a matter of how many “likes” you have on your Facebook page… it’s who actually ENGAGED with your content by measuring who shared it in Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Digg it, etc. (aka social recommendations). Yes! You guessed it! Google is tracking all those shares! You will find how they are measuring these shares In Google Analytics. It’s found under: Social Engagement (located under Audience, Social , and then Engagement. See snapshot to the right).

Step 1: Create content on what your audience enjoys!

You don’t need your own video to compile the message you want to share. Your rivvid platform allows you to compile different you tube videos into one quiz. Your video trivia creator also enables you to select which particular clip within the video you wish to use for your messaging. Thus, your content may be based on educating your audience about your business, “theme” topics you know will engage your audience such as culture, travel, “Teen Talk” and “Martial Arts History,” or cause related marketing such as what “Don’t Text and Drive” that Busciglio Orthodontics did using rivvid’s platform.

Step 2: Publish often 

Create and they will come? Now that you have the open sign hanging on your door, it doesn’t mean people will come swarming in. You need to publish quizzes often and engage with your fans often.  Establish a repoire by replying to their tweets or posts and ask them to help you spread the word! It’s called “social” media for a reason! People like to help and want to talk! So give them a reason to talk and a reason to return to your brand to see what other video trivia quizzes you have published.

Step 3: Get found by people on Google

Get them to share! Google mixes social recommendations and their ranked pages in the search results. It’s not a matter of how many “likes” you have on your pages. It’s how many people actually ENGAGE with your page via clicking on the “share” button from your post with their friends, liking your post, or leaving comments on your page.

Social recommendations were there earlier, but they merely played a part in the rank system. Now it can take you to first page of Google for at least some users or groups.

Thus, video trivia gives you “share worthy content” needed to allow your audience to share and engage others with your content.

Carefully select the keywords to target the right audience. Your rivvid channel and video trivia quizzes are optimised to give you a higher position in Google searches. The better your video trivia quiz description and “video trivia title” keywords you use, the higher you’ll appear in search results.

Step 4: Promote your rivvid brand channel url DAILY 

Are you promoting your contest on the home page of your website? What are you waiting for! You got a campaign to run! DId you place the url as one of the websites to visit in your Facebook profile and Linked In profile? There you have the ability to add multiple websites you want people to visit. Did you eblast to your subscribers the promotion you are running?

Step 5: Inform others about your promotion!

Video trivia gives you something to talk about, so talk about it! Hand out flyers at events or in store posters to inform others the kind of loyalty rewards they will receive by engaging with your brand. Encourage friends to post on their blog. Cross promote other brands inside of your channel by having them give away something to the players who rank highest. Reward your players by giving them recognition such as Parent of the Week or Best Player of the week, so you have them returning your channel to see how they ranked and received the recognition they played hard to earn!

Below is a quick checklist of what was discussed above:

1. Is your rivvid URL on your home page?

2. What kind of recognition system do you have in place for those who score the highest that day or that week?

3. What other company can you team up with to give away something to your players so you can incentivize your audience with a reward?

4. How often do you plan to publish a new quiz? Daily, weekly, or monthly?

5. Who are you trying to reach? What keywords do they use to find your brand? Are those keywords inside your quiz description and title?

6. Have you announced it on your Facebook page? Did you post it on your Twitter account(s)?

7. Have you sent it out via email?

8. Have you asked others to share it with their friends?

If you are considering or have considered rivvid as an extra extension of your marketing efforts. We think you’ll really enjoy using video trivia as a way to engage your audience and happy to show you a 5 “Jump Start” set of steps to help you get going.

First off, please keep these important resources in mind:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Plus follow @rivvid on Twitter and “like us” on Facebook to connect with other rivvid fans who will enjoy playing your game.
  • Call us at 786-218-1021 or email

How to integrate Rivvid into your salescycle

Do you find yourself educating your prospect so they can buy from you? Are you running out of what to talk about in your social networks? Learn how to make your brand FUN and engaging!

Rivvid has proven to increase Facebook LIKES by 65% and 13% will inquire about your product or service.


Rivvid’s “game play experience” reinforces EXCITEMENT with your BRAND. Why do people choose to go out to eat rather than cook at home? Why do kids prefer to go Mc Donald’s rather than eat at a healthy restaurant? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LATELY TO MAKE YOUR BRAND FUN AND EXCITING? Try using rivvid’s video trivia platform as another way of reaching out to your fans and giving them something FUN to share and engage with.

Join me at my upcoming webinar on Tuesday at 10am EST.

Date: October 25, 2011
Time: 8am PST/10am EST
Conference Number: +1-218-486-3889

Access Code:152930489

If this time doesn’t work for you, email me so I can email you a pre-recorded webinar or a time for us to chat!

Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Valeska I. Jacques


Web 2.0 Internet Strategies article in Miami Herald

Web 2.0 goes to work, but does it always work?

Good question posed by the article:

So does this mean companies should spend a majority of their advertising budgets on reaching Internet users?

The answer was:

”It gets down to why are you doing it, and who are you trying to reach”

Too may people are jumping on the bandwagon and the article mentions how you should not do Web 2.0 for the sake of it. Its important to do it right and to stay on top of it. There are firms that will take care of managing these web 2.0 initiatives for you or coach you on how to do it yourself. However, if you are looking how to get started, click here to understand how to get started with blogging:

I will post additional articles on Delicious, technorati, RSS feeds, and how all these components compliments your Web 2.0 initiaitives. In the meantime, click here to read how social networking sites are providing their software code for free to spur growth.

True statements as to how the Web 2.0 strategies help your online marketing initiatives:

  • Making use of such features as blogs, podcasts and other user-generated content, more businesses are incorporating Web 2.0 elements as marketing tools.
  • Internet advertising revenues are at an all-time high, up 26 percent from the same time last year.
  • It’s part of an effort to target the younger online audience that invests more time online. The study reports younger consumers upload more, with 57 percent of Generation Y’s total online population regularly putting content on online communities or social networking sites and 22 percent regularly uploading to photo, music and video sharing websites like YouTube and Flickr.
  • Video is Key: ”I do think the whole video experience piece is going to be more and more of a requirement online because people are willing to buy more and more online but they want to understand, get a better feel of exactly what it is that they’re buying.
  • Its a very simple business to monetize, Selmen said.
  • Being a player in the Web 2.0 world was certainly well receivedby shareholders.

Click here to read full article.

Social-Networking Sites Open Up

The benefits of social networking sites opening up is allowing new applications to allow more people to discover your site, which can translate into greater revenues since more viewers mean higher ad rates.

Click here to read full article.

New Ideas in PR and Marketing for Your Small Business


Valeska Jacques, Chapter Public Relations Director, (305) 443-4110,
Or Anne B. Freedman, NAWBO president, (305) 273-6640,

Faster! Bigger! Fresh! Better than Ever! What’s Hot!
New Ideas in PR and Marketing for Your Small Business
August 9, 11:30 a.m., at the Banker’s Club, Downtown Miami
National Association of Women Business Owners, Miami Chapter

Looking for new marketing strategies and public relations techniques to expand your business? Find out from three leading South Florida experts at the August 9 luncheon of the Miami Chapter, National Association of Women Business Owners. The meeting will be held at The Bankers Club, 2 S Biscayne Blvd, 14th Floor, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Topics to be discussed are getting valuable publicity, realistic new advertising options for small businesses, marketing through events, and increasing sales and exposure using the five pillars of an effective internet strategy. The speakers are:

Alex Villoch, VP of Advertising, The Miami Herald

Gladys Mezrahi, president, Indigo Events, Inc.

Abdul Muhammad II, Chief Internet Strategist, uVium, Inc.

Cost is $40 for members, $45 for guests.
Reservations are required at
For further information, call 305-273-6640.

Blog Workshop in Miami


What every entrepreneur needs to know about the array of new tools that foster online collaboration — and currently revolutioning small businesses — should join us AUGUST 21st to attend our workshop on how to create a BLOG.

Creating a BLOG for yourself instantly boosts credibility, adds exposure to your business, helps you to build relationships, and boosts your search engine marketing efforts to optimize your company’s website. It’s easy to set up and available when you are inspired to share stories or post articles on your expertise.

August 21, 2007 – 5:30pm. – 7:00 p.m.

4000 Ponce de Leon Ste 470
Coral Gables, FL 33146
*Between Village of Merrick Park and The Collection Dealership

$35 (Cash or checks only. No credit cards)

At the end of this workshop, you will understand:

  • A new internet strategy
  • How to build a BLOG for free
  • How to promote your BLOG for free
  • Create and Boost Credibility
  • Search engine strategies
  • Increase traffic to your website

Click here to read testimonials from those who attended:

The first 5 people to RSVP will receive a FREE reference guide on BLOGS. Space is VERY limited. Click here to RSVP:

What kind of questions to ask a Search Engine Marketing Expert

When you ask a Search Engine Marketing expert, “What’s your process and methodology?” Make sure they cover all the following key items. If not, it is very important you ask.

  1. What approach do you use to submit your website to the search engines versus directories?
    1. Important they know how to write for the search engines.
    2. Keyword Concentration how many times your keywords are used within the text
    3. Keyword Placement: how far up it appears on your HTML page
    4. Link Popularity: other sites you are linked out to
    5. Directory Enhancement: picking out the appropriate keyword and category for your website, writing descriptions, and concise information about the company
  2. Do they provide Keyword search
    1. Search engine experts should provide with a report of what key words your audience is using to search your service or product
  3. Are there any guarantee?
    1. No one should guarantee thir work because algorithms constantly change. The search engines want fresh content and this is their way to filter out spammers.
  4. Important they are up to date with the latest Internet Strategies, Internet Modeling and Trends
    1. Blogging
    2. Mini websites to support marketing strategy
    3. Innovative Marketing Models to support marketing plan (linked in, my space)
  5. How often do tyou submit my site to the search engines?
    1. Web Gold software: allows you to automatically submit your site to the search engines
    2. Sometimes you receive email notifications from search engines if you would like to submit your website. Very important to stay on top of these email notifications.
    3. Make sure website is up to date
  6. Do you use tracking code?
    1. Tracking code allows search engine experts to track how effective the keywords they selected are
  7. Am I liable for costs in case my design is disturbed?
    1. Important search engine expert knows CSS and XHTML
    2. If you check back on your website and see it looks out of alignment or distorted, this is a sign that attention is needed on your website html code
  8. How many link popularity and link reputation do you provide?
    1. A good number of link popularity and link reputation is 10 link outs
    2. Ask how much it will cost if you an additional 10 links “a la carte”
  9. Do you analyze the graphic elements on my site?
  10. Do you analyze how each of my HTML pages are optimized?

Blogging tips to improve search engine rankings

The buzz about Web 2.0 technologies is with the help of the internet, people like you and I have come up with very creative ways to increase our visibility on the web. So many “social networking” platforms have sprung up on the web such as:

ü Linked in: allows you to upload your contacts to the web and browse through other people’s contacts in order to ask for permission to contact them.

ü An easy place to make friends and get business referrals, thus making it an attractive public relations vehicle.

ü Blogging (websites like allows you to create your own “blog” where you may post articles based on your expertise for free!

In this article, I really want to share some tips as to how to get started in creating a blog immediately. Creating a BLOG for yourself instantly boosts credibility, adds exposure to your business, and a great internet strategy to boost your search engine marketing efforts for your company’s website. It’s easy to set up and available when you are inspired to share stories or post articles on your expertise.

  1. Register with for Free
  2. The “blog domain name” should tie with your expertise. Important you use “keywords” users will use in google or yahoo in order to find you. For example, fashiontips, business loans, miamihistory, miamihappenings, etc. You can create multiple names under different accounts. You may create one with your name as well. Each blog may link to another blog.
  3. As soon as you have your blog set up, make sure your company’s website links out to your blog to increase “link popularity” for your company’s website. Search crawlers look for how many sites your company’s website links out to (link popularity) in order to determine rankings for your site.
  4. Create categories in your blog. This way when you post an article you may categorize the relevant content. The benefits of doing this is so other websites may auto populate your article with relevant blog articles on the internet. You will find yourself appearing in sites such as:, and many others. Again this will boost your search engine rankings, due to the “relevancy” of your topic associated with your website.
  5. How to find content if you don’t have time to create your own. Check out this blog for tips:

The bottom line is this. From a business standpoint, due to all of these tools there are many different ways to market and grow your business. “All the powerful trends in technology have been do-it-yourself,” notes Joe Kraus, CEO of wiki supplier JotSpot. These tools are FREE and one of the many avenues to market your business for free.

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