tRIVia VIDeo or Real Interactive Viewing of VIDeo (aka RIVVID)is a family-friendly video trivia game, designed to test viewers’ cognitive awareness in timed trivia quizzes featuring a series of 15-second video clips; while enabling brands and families access to create their own game show.

Players enjoy testing their knowledge ranging from history, movies, food & dining, to sports and travel. Players invite friends and family into a friendly trivia competition providing a unique and customized vehicle for brands to engage and educate their consumers.

How does it influence consumer buying decisions?

RIVVID breaks the traditional video advertising model by offering guaranteed cognitive awareness of advertising consumption. Users have to pay attention to the videos in order to answer the questions correctly and score points/win prizes, unlike pre-roll ads (which are flat out annoying) and TV ads (where the viewer can channel surf, leave the room for a bathroom break, etc.). Advertisers get real-time data and analytics on how users are actually consuming their brand and marketing message empowering them with the intelligence to refine and optimize the delivery.

How are consumers having fun with your brand?

Rivvid Channels are a social media tool that provides intimate brand experiences, which enable companies to create the multiple choice questions following the video clip, thus controlling the brand’s messaging and content of the trivia at hand.

Click here to read case studies and statistics.


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