49% of mobile app usage takes place in games

Did you know 49% of mobile app usage takes place in games and 30% in social networking apps – a combined 79% share? It’s then a big drop to entertainment (7%), news (6%) and others (8%)?

“Any way we slice it, Games and Social Networking apps deliver the most engaging experience on the web and mobile today, and set the stage for the battleground for controlling the consumer relationship going forward for all platform providers”

Have you heard of this quote lately? “I go where the puck is going to be, not where it is”. – Wayne Gretzky .


Amazing how you have positioned your business where the puck is going to be rather than focusing on where it’s at click here to read the article.

So what’s on your next list of to do’s for your marketing objectives this upcoming quarter? You got all these Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and people who have played on your rivvid channel. Now what? How do you convert them to clients? Well, when you created your Facebook Page, did you create it and wait for people to find it on their own and LIKE it? When you first opened your office, did people show up knocking? Make all of your social network outlets come together by integrating your video trivia as part of your conversation inside of Facebook, Twitter, Website, and blog outreach.


About Rivvid

Rivvid LLC's mission is to provide an engaging, family-friendly online social gaming experience while providing a unique and customized vehicle for brands and celebrities to market to and educate their consumers. Learn more here: https://rivvid.wordpress.com/about/

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